How far would you go to find the other half of your heart?

Perhaps you’ve asked this question at least once or twice?

It isn’t an easy question to explore in depth, and sometimes it feels a little lonely out there in the world as we travel our various paths. The Quest of Heart is offered up as a companion book. Like a seekers guide to the inner workings of the soul –a kind of tool. Who said tools need to be heavy metal things that bang, chisel and drill, right? Though those tools are fun too.

The Quest of Heart is a timeless tale that many of us can identify with on some level. In a life where all of us secretly wish for a “Happy Ending” (I promise I won’t tell), happy endings don’t always come how we expect them to. While The Quest of Heart does end on a happy note it is an unfinished story, one that will most certainly be continued (with a sequel to follow, plus some).

And this begs the question: Is any story ever truly finished?

Life echoes this sentiment.

I feel my book embodies a quality of storytelling that is encompassing enough for all ages, though my target is children ages 8 and up. It is roughly a 72 page picture book, full of silliness, fun, danger, color, lack of color, sadness and excitement –and we can’t forget to include LOVE, which to me is the icing on the cake! The idea is to showcase life in all its guises with no holds barred.

We are all living, breathing protagonists (and sometimes antagonists) in our own powerful stories, and not always are they sweet and good. Bad things do happen, but The Quest of Heart explores the hope that lies beyond that and isn’t afraid to take on the drab and dreary aspects of Reality.

It is set in an endearing world that is full of fantasy, metaphor, allegory, and magic. This story is the first one of the Surrality series in which Surrality is the stage (the world) and its players (such as Satori) venture through it encountering many, many unique life situations that provoke the exploration of deep soul questions— the discovery of a few answers, and then more questions. Truly Surrality is boundless! And I already have ten more stories in the works.